India vs Pakistan T20 Warm up 2012 Live Score

India vs Pakistan Live Streaming : T20 World Cup Warm up Match!!

Pakistan will play against India in the Warm up T20 match at R. Premadasa Stadium, Colombo. The match will be played between PAK vs IND on Sep 17, 2012. The match will start at around 19:30 local time.

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Watch Live Streaming India vs Sri Lanka, T20 Warm-up Match to be played today on Sep 17, 2012 at P Sara Oval.

Colombo: Colombo: Over 13 Pakistan: 103/5 Shoaib Malik 4 (3b) – Kamran Akmal 44 (28b)

Just eight runs from the over. Pakistan need boundaries here.

Over 12 Pakistan: 95/5 Shoaib Malik 3 (2b) – Kamran Akmal 37 (23)

OUT! Ashwin strikes again with a brilliant catch off his own bowling.

Umar Akmal c & b Ashwin 2 (5b)

Over 11 Pakistan: 85/4 Umar Akmal 2 (4) – Kamran Akmal 34 (20)

Good over from Balaji. Just three runs from it.

Over 10 Pakistan: 82/4 Umar Akmal 0 (1) – Kamran Akmal 33 (17)

Good over from Aswhin. He scalped two big wickets.

Ind vs Pak

Pakistan 130/5 15.0 Overs till last update

OUT! Ashwin strikes again! Shahid Afridi hasn’t been in the best of form, of late and just after facing one ball, he shimmied down the wicket and was caught by Zaheer Khan at long-off.


OUT! Ashwin gets the breakthrough as he dismisses Mohammad Hafeez (38 from 29). Hafeez charged down the track and was caught at long-on by Rohit Sharma.

Over 9 Pakistan: 82/2 Kamran Akmal 32 (16) – Mohammad Hafeez 37 (27)

Another delicate cut from Akmal and FOUR!!! .

FOUR!!! Akmal looking dangerous as he cut again, Balaji botched up his effort at point.

Over 7 Pakistan: 63/2 Kamran Akmal 20 (11) – Mohammad Hafeez 30 (20)

FOUR!!! again by Akmal he plays the ball rather late bisecting the point and backward point fielders.

FOUR!!! of the first ball, Akmal lofts one over extra cover.

Over 6 Pakistan: 52/2 Kamran Akmal 10 (6) – Mohammad Hafeez 29 (19)

SIX!!! Akmal greets Harbhajan Singh with a mammoth hit straight over long off.

Over 5 Pakistan: 41/2 Kamran Akmal 2 (1) – Mohammad Hafeez 26 (18)

FOUR!!! by Hafeez short ball and the captain swirled around and dispatched the ball to square leg fence.

Over 4 Pakistan: 35/2 Kamran Akmal 2 (1) – Mohammad Hafeez 20 (12)

OUT!!! Terrific stuff by Dhoni, throwing the ball to the stumps, back of the hand stuff and Nasir Jamshed 0 (0) is short of his crease.

OUT!!! Dangerous Imran Nazir (13) gone. Raina with a superb catch in the deep.

Over 3 Pakistan: 29/0 Imran Nazir 13 (9) – Mohammad Hafeez 16 (9)

Slower one by Zaheer, Hafeez picked the length early and paddle swept the ball for FOUR!!!.

Driven well by Hafeez and FOUR!!!, as Harbhajan slips.

Over 2 Pakistan: 19/0 Imran Nazir 12 (7) – Mohammad Hafeez 7 (5)

SIX!!! by Hafeez, he launched the over-pitched delivery over long-off fence for a maximum.

FOUR!!! Imran Nazir with a thunderous pull, short of length and he charged down the track and clobbered it towards mid-wicket.

Irfan Pathan into the attack.

Over 1 Pakistan: 2/0 Imran Nazir 1(3) – Mohammad Hafeez 1 (3)

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